Monday, 9 May 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Meklord Emperor Granel

After much debate with myself, i've decided that Extreme Victory, Bar a few cards, is a pretty uninteresting set. I have been giving it mad props in my other card reviews but overall, its not a set that will be remembered for long. So this T.G. thing i was doing seems pointless. Therefore i will review other cards.

I've decided to do a good one today, Meklord Emperor Granel

Incase you didn't know, his attack is called

This level 1 machine type has no attack and defence points. Thats crap and should be thrown in the trash because of it.

Ok i'll stop trolling.

It gains its attack from its effect, so theres no need to worry.

This card cannot be normal summoned or set. This card cannot be special summoned except by its own effect. When a monster you control is destroyed by a card effect and sent to the graveyard, you can special summon this card from your hand. This card gains attack and defence points equal to half your life points. Once a turn, you can select one of your opponent's synchro monsters on the field and equip it to this card and Granel gains attack equal to the monster absorbed. Once a turn you can special summon one synchro monster that this card has stolen onto your side of the field in defence position.

Look at that wall of text. I'm surprised that China is not jealous. Its got the normal Nomi clause at the beginning which is fine. And it can only get onto the field when a monster is destroyed (Face-up by the way).

I really like this card actually. I'm a little biased since i play scraps but it is all round a great card. With synchro monsters being the big beaters of most decks right now, its synchro steal ability is a powerful tool against your opponent. There are so many useful synchro monsters to steal:

- Stardust dragon
- Ancient fairy dragon
- Odin, father of the aesir (If you ever manage to do that, please make a video of it and post it in the comments. I would love to see the look on your opponent's face.)

Best of all, this card can snatch one of the most troublesome synchro monsters right now, Legendary Six Samurai - Shi en. If you special summon it to your field, you can negate your opponent's spells and traps. So now your Granel, which if you summoned at full life points, is at 4000 Attack, can attack without worry. Steal two from your opponent, and its pretty much game.

But you don't have to special summon the monsters. If you keep them on Granel, he gains their Attack. Steal a red nova dragon and it becomes 7500 attack!

However, this cards attack power gets weaker depending on your life points. If you get this out late game, it might only serve as an extra defence. Just make sure you get it out when your opponent is trying to push for game with synchro monsters.

This is also good because of the way the format is right now. Many call it a "Set 5, go" format and that means they are using traps to try and stop your every move. Bottomless? Granel. Mirror force? Granel. Dimensional Prison? Gra- wait no, He can't get on the field by that, but you get the point.

This card works best in a scrap deck. If your opponent is beating you down with monsters, then Granel is just a dead card in your hand. Scraps however, pride themselves on their ability to destroy themselves with cards like Scrapstorm and the just released Scrap Orthros. Because of that, you do not have to rely on your opponent to get Granel on the field and start nabbing their pesky stardust dragon which they were saving for the right moment.

Although this card is implied to be the best meklord emperor out of the three, Meklord Emperor Wisel is better. Since the beginning of the game, attack power has become more and more unimportant. Wisel has the same ability as Granel where it can nab synchros, but it can also negate a spell card once a turn. That makes it somewhat immune to annoying cards like book of moon or dark hole, which is a staple in every deck. Oh, and Wisel is not reliant on your life points, so it can turn the game to your favour no matter if you're beginning, mid or late game.

Granel is Legal for play in the US but is not legal in the rest of the world until the beginning of July. This is because of it being a Shonen Jump promo card from the magazine, which is only despatched and sold in stores in the US. This is also because it is one of the three prize cards (Which i will review) for the Nationals in Europe and South America which ends at the beginning of July. Fortunately for me, i can import Granel from the US when it becomes legal instead of having to win a nationals to get one.


  1. OK why about road warrior effect and one 4one is there a way to use those to get the me lords out

  2. wisel is not better wisel can stop spells but no other monster can attack but with granel others monsters can attack wisel only has 2500 attack yes granel can have less than that but he can also have a lot more if you run a deck with health regaining cards also granel can resummon its absorbed synchros wisel cant if you absorb stardust then resummon you got a sheild and with black wing armor master it would be pwnage also granel looks cooler so i think granel i A LOT better than wisel although i do admit wisel has some good sides but granel has more.

  3. sorry i wisel is not better than granel srry my mistake at the begining

  4. srry i should have put a coma i was right ignore my 2nd post

  5. can i summon both meklord granel and wiesel at the same time if one monster is destroy

  6. Hello. And no you cannot.

    Cards that activate from the hand cannot be chained to eachother. Only 1 card that activates from the hand can be activated in response to something, like a card being destroyed.

  7. Guys, here's how it works. Skiel is probably the mid man because he's not as strong as wisel, (although he practically is), and not as bad as granel (granel is still an awesome card though). Granel got overkill in the anime, i mean, being able to absorb sychro's it sent to the graveyard, negate abilitys of sychro's once per turn, have the attack points of ALL of your life points instead of half, and bring absorbed sychro's to the field to protect it is just overkill so it would be more dramatic and excillerating when yusei once again uses shooting star dragon (that card is a star). Truely, skiel is the best (well, its about equal with wisel),because it negates attacks and can attack DIRECTLY. it also fits in better with any deck than the other 2. although wisel can crush traps and spells whenever it wants and also attack directly, it was also a screen hog for 5 long episodes where yusei magically in the final episode pulls off an acell synchro (but only after 3 boring episodes of primo trying to back yusei into a corner so it would be more dramatic like always) and happens to be such a lucksack that he somehow draws 5 tuners (really realistic cw4crap tv.). so yeah, skiel is the best, Granel is overkill and in the true playing card game, BS, and wisel great, but skiel is truely the best.

  8. Out of personal experience, Wisel is the most versatile out of the three Meklords, competitively. Since it's 2500, it can stop a stardust attack and many other commonly used cards. Plus that it stops some of the most powerful cards that are staples in most decks, once a turn (Including the opponent's turn). The downside is that it is the only monster that can attack, but since you can negate spells and with traps being low in number this format, its really good.

    Skiel is just a little too weak to use well. I'd prefer to attack directly by dealing with my opponent's field, rather than trying to go around it.

    Grannel gets worse late game, but it can end games very quickly.


  9. I have realized skiel sucks, as i used it quite wrong. it's a one trick pony, but 4krap TV makes it look nice. Check out our site