Monday, 30 May 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Black Return

Hello once again readers. The next product to be released for us Tcg folk is the Duelist pack crow. This set has a large collection of Crow's blackwings as well as his synchro monsters and some of their support cards (As well as some cards he randomly used in episodes). Blackwings took a tough hit by the banlist at the beginning of march, so i wouldn't be surprised to see this set not sell as well as konami might think.

There are a few new cards in this set which have not been released anywhere else. One of them being Black Return.

This trap card has quite a good effect, which it's artwork portrays quite nicely.

Activate when only 1 blackwing monster is special summoned. Select one monster your opponent controls. Gain life points equal to that monster's attack points and return it to your opponent's hand.

So when you special summon a blackwing, you bounce a card and gain life points. Thats really good and there are many ways to benefit from both effects.

The first one is to bounce a synchro monster. As shown in the artwork, Bora the spear has been special summoned, and Naturia Barkion is being bounced back to the hand. While this would not actually happen (Barkion's effect would negate this card), its showing the perfect kind of monster to bounce. Incase you don't know, when you bounce a synchro monster, it is forced back to the extra deck since it cannot exist in your hand. So all of their hard work to bring out that synchro monster has been for nothing. It can also get past pesky cards like Stardust dragon which can't do anything to stop this card since nothing is being destroyed.
Apart from synchros, you can bounce cards that need to be tribute summoned, or cards that remove themselves from play when they are removed from the field (Like Plaguespreader Zombie or Genex Ally Birdman).

Its life gain effect is good too. If you hit a synchro monster like you should be, then you will be gaining at least 2000 life points, which can really help you pay for your Solemn warnings, seven tools and your Solemn Judgement.

This cards activation requirement is very easy to meet in blackwings (Which is one reason why they are so good). The artwork shows that Bora is a good candidate to get this card's effect from. You can use other blackwings such as Blizzard the far north, Gale the whirlwind and Vayu the emblem of honor (To summon a blackwing synchro monster).

I honestly feel like this is a really good support card that can really benefit blackwings. Its a nice little addition to an already overloaded archetype, but is actually decent.

Before i finish this, i would like to mention that you can also use this as a side against blackwings. This card can be activated when a blackwing is special summoned, let it be yours or theirs.

So yeah thats it. Its looks to be a really good card. Its going to be a Super rare (That will make the artwork look even better) like it was in the OCG set.


  1. It's a situational Compulsory Evacuation Device. It will see 0 use.


  2. Compulsory Evacuation Device is enough LOL

    but Black Return have a extra Gain life points.

  3. This card was bad back in the day, but now since it does not target or destroy, it looks to be an awesome tech in anti meta blackwings