Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Why Rabbit at 2 Hurts the deck HARD.

Hey guys. More Consistency with posts from now on, I promise. I keep taking gaps away from making stuff. Mainly due to commitments and other unavoidable things that just randomly crop up.

Anyway today is about the Banlist. More so, about Rescue Rabbit being put to 2. It's regarded as the core of the deck. Of course you can win without drawing a single rabbit the entire game, but it's an uphill struggle. The deck revolves around it being used and making a walking solemn or walking free divine wrath is too good to pass up. However at 2, it's consistency is hit harder than people realise.

At 3, the chances of drawing Rescue Rabbit in your opening hand of 6 cards is 39%. That means 39% of the time, you're opponent will need to have Effect Veiler in their hand or be going first and have an out to it set on their field. At 2, the chances of opening with Rabbit drop to just over 20%. That now means that 1 of 5 games you will be able to "Summon Laggia, set 3". Because of that, you might not even see Rabbit first turn AT ALL for an entire 3 game match. That's a lot of dino grinding against an opponent who isn't going to be relying on a 20% chance for their deck to function properly.

But the main reason why Rabbit at 2 hurts the deck is not because the chance of drawing it. It's because the deck has to play 6 Dinosaurs. If you bring the Ratios down to their simplest denominator, for every ONE Rescue Rabbit drawn, you will be just as likely to draw 3 Dinosaurs.

You may be thinking "Oh that's fine, I still have 3 Dinosaurs in my deck!". Well that might be true, but if you hadn't realised, Rabbit only works if you have 2 Dinosaurs with the same name in your deck. If you have 3 in your hand, 2 of those will have the SAME NAME.

What that means is that on top of the already annoying feat of getting a Rescue Rabbit in your hand, to be able to summon more than one Evolzar from a Rescue Rabbit, you need to have Rabbit as well as Tour Guide (which is at 2 now, too) in your hand just because you got a good opening hand. With Rabbit being 20% chance and Tour Guide being 20% too, you're bringing the chances of drawing like a champ at a measly 10%.

Beforehand, the chances were about 30%. So almost at least once in a 3 game match, you would be able to herp derp Laggia + Leviair + 2 Sabersaurus (2400 + 1800 + 3800 = 8000 damage exactly). Now, it's just not going to happen.

So yeah, I hope that's cleared up any hopes and dreams you had of your deck still being any good. Enjoy your hand of vanillas!

TheTCGLover Out!

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