Thursday, 23 August 2012

Silver Sentinel: How useful is it?

Incase you don't know what Silver Sentinel is: here's a nice picture.

It's the newest addition to the 'Toy Magician' mechanic. That is, it sets itself in the spell and trap card zone and waits to be destroyed. However this card is far better then that piece of trash (sorry Toy Magician gods. Please don't hurt me T.T).

The great thing about this card is how it's effect will tend to play out. It does all it's shenanigans in the end phase, meaning that it will hit the field at a point in your opponent's turn where they are most vulnerable. For example, this card gets MST'd and is sitting in your graveyard. Then your opponent has a choice whether to set some cards and allow one to die, or just go cold turkey until their next turn. This entire psychology is what makes Zenmaines such a powerful tool.

When I get a couple of these guys at the Sets official release, I'm going to be running them in Alive Hero to replace the Future Fusion that I lost. I have to set my hand to summon Bubbleman and this card will be waiting in the backrow. But for me it's extra great since it's a warrior AND a level 4, meaning I can clear my opponent's cards away and go for Excalibur on my turn. It's broke as hell in theory and I'm pretty sure it will be just as good when used for real.

But the reason why I'm doing this little discussion now is because the Banlist is going to continue the reign of Backrow removal being at an all time high. There are so many ways that this card can get destroyed and since this card has just come out, it's not in the players mind like what Gorz has done. They will MST to try and get their plays through, and this card single handedly says "Do what you want, because I'll be back and everything you have labored to build will crumble". But of course, he will probably just say that with his gun, which will sound a bit more like "BOOM HEADSHOT!".

Another fantastic thing is that it can be sided out against decks like Gravekeepers or Dark world, where they might not be running as much backrow hate or Chaos Dragons where this card might be a little too slow. The card functions on it's own and therefore siding it out wont hurt the deck's synergy at all.

Not really much else to say. It's a fantastic card and I'd advise getting a couple now before someone catches on to it's brokeness in the September Meta.

The TCG Lover Out!

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