Monday, 6 August 2012

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Noble Knight Gawayn

Happy Monday Readers!

With the REDU sneak peek coming up soon, as well as the ban list, a whole lot of changes are happening in the coming month. Are we going to be forced into playing against Dino Rabbit, Wind-Ups, Chaos Dragons and Inzektors for another 6 months? Is Alive Hero going to become tier 1? All the answers will be revealed in just a couple of months.

Anyway Noble Knight Artorigus was the sneak peek promo card for Galactic Overlord. It was a simple 1800/1800 Vanilla Light Warrior. While all of that is great, the fact that it had no effect and no synergy with any deck meant it was just going to sleep in binders.

However, to kick-start the Noble Knight Craze, we have been introduced to Noble Knight Gawayn


With the same attribute and type as Artorigus, it's assumed the Noble Knights will all follow suit. At 1900 it's good a decent amount of power on it's own. At 500 defence though, it seems that he is all offence and not really a good defence. 

So if you control a LIGHT Normal Monster, you can special summon Gawayn from the hand in Defense Position. This makes that 500 defense much more of a problem, but fortunately with how the game is it wont be on the field for long.

It can be special summoned if you control Artorigus, meaning you can make a quick Rank 4. However due to them both being warriors, you have access to Blade Armor Ninja, which if timed correctly can rectify that -1 used to make it.

"But TCG Lover, there's a problem" I hear you scream. "That combo SUCKS ASS!"

Fortunately, there's more than just Artorigus. It works with ANY Light Normal Monster. You can summon it with Blue-Eyes White Dragon on the field. That sucks too, though.

However in the midst of all the crap cards, there is a Light Normal monster that many people are playing. Can you guess which one?

The Answer is Elemental HERO Neos Alius

Neos Alius is perfect. It's a level 4 light normal monster and it's a freaking warrior. AND the card is used in multiple tier 1-2 decks. Gawayn is like Bubbleman except you don't need to commit your hand to summon it and Gawayn can actually stand on it's own.

While the card can't be searched like Bubbleman, it does make for a light target for Elemental HERO - The Shining after you have made a Heroic Champion - Excalibur.

So while at this point the Noble Archetype has still got a long way to go, it can be used in other decks (Even Agents with their balls) in the meantime. It can only get better from here. With that in mind, it's worth picking up a playset just incase (or you can just enter 3 times in the sneak peek).

Until next time folks, TheTCGLover Out!

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