Monday, 3 September 2012

YCS Toronto Analysis

Hello Readers. With YCS Toronto just finished on Sunday, we have our first winner of the new format: Joshua Graham with Wind-Ups. He managed to take down ARG's Jeff Jones (Who's got a good number of titles under his belt) in the final and he was playing Grandsoil Psychics, a new deck that very few players were prepared for and took full advantage of the new cards in Return of the Duelist and the changes made on the new ban list.

Anyway starting from Top 16 (If Top 32 gets posted somewhere I'll add it in), we will take a look at the ratios and I will suggest explanations.

5x Wind-Ups
4x HEROs
2x Geargia
2x Dino Rabbit
1x Burn
1x Dark World
1x Psychics ft. Grandsoil

So with Wind-Ups taking almost 30% of the total top 16, they had the best chance of getting the win at this point due to sheer numbers. Wind-Ups really benefited from being able to easily transition to the next format by making just a couple of adjustments to their deck. The way the deck works now is much more bearable and actually incredibly skilled, provided your opponent is any good. And as we know from Plant Synchro, if a good player is piloting it, it will do bounds better than anyone else playing the deck. HERO managed to secure 4 places which gave them 25% of the Top 16. Even though their consistency got wobbled by the ban list, they still prove to be a force worthy of reaching the top tables in a YCS. However HERO is quite vague and Konami's writers didn't want to leak much more than "feat. Bubbleman" on the end rather than "Alive HERO" or "Bubble Beat" or "Gemini Beat" etc.

Geargia were the newcomers of this format, with them only being legal for 3 days prior to the YCS. They proved to be very powerful and resourceful by implementing the Karakuri Synchros into the mix. That as well as Gear Gigant X being a nice Advantage bonus once a turn gave the deck a lot of steam to use every turn. Dino Rabbit and Dark world are still hanging in there and Dino Rabbit were a lot cheaper to make which might have helped their numbers in Day 1. Burn always managed to secure 1-2 spots in almost every YCS due to it being quite easy to pilot and a Semi-pro's nightmare to face. The best players have no problem with it though and that's why it rarely gets past the top 8.

Top 8:

3x Wind-Up
1x HEROs
1x Burn
1x Geargia
1x Psychic/Grandsoil
1x Dark World

Well look at that. The Majority of Wind-Ups managed to hold on and secure 37.5% of the Top 8. That's increased their odds by 7.5% so their chances of victory was on the rise. HERO took the biggest beat. They lost 3 of their 4 matches and now down to just one left. Maybe this won't be their format, just like every other one (lol). Geargia lost a match which is acceptable since that's proportionate to the number of players being halved each round. They still stood a chance but personally anyone with knowledge of how many were going to be played at the YCS would have sides against them, and just like any other Machine deck, they are so fucking easy to side, making their effectiveness during the format gradually get worse. Dark World managed to hold out as well at Grandsoil, but they did play eachother in the Top 8 round and Grandsoil progressed forward.

Top 4:

Psychics ft. Grandsoil vs Wind-Ups
Wind-Ups vs Geargia

So almost all the 1 of decks were wiped clean off. Wind-ups once again managed to bring their win chances higher to 50%. Plus they were not playing against eachother so they were guaranteed a place in the Final. Geargia's one of in the Top 8 managed to win so Jordan Kornntoff who was piloting the deck was clealy a cut above anyone else who was playing it that day. Maybe a special Tech?

Finally for the Top 2:

Psychics ft. Grandsoil vs Wind-Ups.

So the one-of deck that was in the Top 32 managed to win every game and make it to the final. Since the deck was under-represented immensely, it should be applauded for it's stunning achievement. Expect Grandsoil to jump up in price (I'm guessing $40 each?).  There's not much else to say except to read the final for yourself. Incase you can't be bothered to, it was pretty much Shock Master that sealed game 3.

So yeah that's all there is to say. I'm glad the broken decks of last format have been phased out (I personally don't hate wind-ups anymore since they let you start your turn with a 6 card hand).

Until next time, TheTCGLover out!

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