Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Ignoble Knight of Black Laundsallyn

Hello readers. The Abyss Rising Sneak Peek has been announced, and with that, the Promo card which you will receive per entry into the sneak has been revealed too.

Check out my channel on the right side of this blog to see the video. But if you prefer to read, then stay awhile and listen. Presenting, Ignoble Knight of Black Laundsallyn

"You can send 1 Face-Up Light Normal monster you control to the graveyard; Special summon this card from your hand or graveyard. You can tribute 1 "Noble Knight" monster: add 1 "Noble Arms" card from your deck to your hand. You can only use the effect of this card once per turn. You can only control 1 of these on the field at a time."

So by giving up a light normal monster, you can put a 2000 beater on the field. It doesn't have to be a Noble Knight so it does have versatility outside of the deck. By summoning it from the hand, you take a -1, but that's okay if you have to do that to get over their Thunder King.

Now you can tribute it or another Noble Knight to add a Noble Arms card. So far there's only one, Gallatin. It's not that great but I'm 99% sure that Abyss Rising will pack some Noble Arms cards as TCG Exclusives. Hopefully something that will make use of this card.

The best way to get it on the field without taking too much of a neg is by using Rescue Rabbit. It puts 2 monsters on the field in one card, then you tribute it to summon this, then tribute the other Noble Knight to add Gallatin. So overall you make back 1 of the two cards you had in your hand, and you have a 2000 beater on the field. It's not great but getting it on the field efficiently is the only way this card is going to find itself in any deck.

But once it dies, it's true power comes into play. It's ability to turn all normal summons into 2000 beaters is nothing to scoff at. 2000 is a magical number. It goes into 8000 four times and almost any normal summon can't get over it. So being able to summon this card over and over again can be devastating against an open field. It's just that initial "getting it out the hand and into the graveyard" means you should only run 2 of them maximum. 

So yeah, this is a very interesting card that will surely get better once we know what the new TCG Exclusives are. Definitely watch this space!

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