Friday, 19 October 2012

YCS providence's top candidates

On a train back home so ill try and be clear and concise. With the next YCS coming up this weekend, we have almost next to 0 change in what to expect the best decks will be. Of course depending on the turnout, the amount of representation of a particular deck really helps it secure as many top 32 spots, where it really matters.

Of course having pro players piloting the deck among them pushes that chance tenfold.

So ideally it makes sense to look at what the best players are going to play to really get an idea. If they have all chosen to play grave keepers then it doesn't really help the chances since the deck is very linear. But a consistently good player will choose a deck that allows for some wiggle space when a scenario comes up and they have multiple ways to deal with it depending on what they're up against

Anyway my main prediction as to the top decks are wind ups, geargia and inzektors.

Wind ups due to their over saturation of players and mainly because of their showing in regionals leading up to this YCS. They seem to be claiming 2-4 top 8 spots in every one.

Geargia because there are some good players who have been trying the deck and I think this could be the YCS that really sets the good geargia players from the bad ones. However it's been a month and a half since the format started and the amount of side cards you can use to beat them is retarded. To summarise, any player can take game one, but it takes a good player to carry it through two and three.

I also picked inzektors because Billy Brake sets trends for fun. Everytime he does something, the playerbase hops onto his dick until he moves onto a new deck.

Anyway that's my prediction. My next video on my channel will be a video analysing the top 32 and downwards, most likely on Monday when I return to campus.

Stay pro, TCG Lovers!

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