Sunday, 21 October 2012

I Hate Dark World

Seriously, I'm sick of losing to them. I've played them dozens of times and 9 times out of 10, I lose because of the exact same field.

I have nothing left, and they have 1 or 2 Graphas at 3000 each.

I'm sorry, but while the deck is very innovative and unique, the deck's ability to really hit the meta where it hurts is what gives it the edge beyond the point where it's unfair. But it's inherent ability to +1 whenever it summons a 2700-3000 beater and pot of greed every turn with it's field spell, means it can take down any Rogue deck with ease and most meta decks can't handle it in game one.

At this point, in my side deck I'm having to commit at least 4 cards specifically for Dark World matchups. If I'm playing Gravekeepers, then I'll use Gravekeeper's Watcher (Discard it to negate an effect that discards) since I can reuse it with Stele. But with Evols and Agents, I'm stuck using Gemini Imps and Shadow Imprisoning mirror, provided that I've already maxed out MSTs and whatnot.

It's the only deck that I can think of where a well thought out Side is the only real way of being able to come out of the match with the win. 4 out of 5 times you have to win your games 2 and 3 and that requires a consistent drawing of your sided cards at the right time. While the reason why they fall short is because "They lose to themselves" i.e. they have bad draws when the field spell is not up and they can open really badly, that reasoning only applies to a YCS setting where you are playing 8-10 rounds and your deck's consistency can really shine or shit on you.

But for Locals, Regionals and just casual dueling, the deck is outstanding. I know the rulings about how and when to use certain cards to beat them. For instance, I know that if you have MST/Dust Tornado set, you should wait until they banish a Fiend in their Graveyard for the field spell before chaining MST to destroy it, since Banishing is a cost. That can turn the game in your favour, but only for a turn or two until they draw another discard outlet and discard Snoww.

I put most of the blame on Grapha. The deck was inplayable before it, and Grapha gave the deck a huge push. It's the only boss monster in a structure deck where you'll get scolded by other players if you run any less than 3. It gives you advantage in more than 3 ways and that can't be compared to any other monster. The deck is built around it and that's why the best builds don't run Goldd or Sillva.

Regardless of how much I dislike that stupid card, It's not going to get hit unless the deck starts doing really well, which it wont simply due to the hilarity of the mirror match. But for someone who doesn't live in the US and their only way to play is by Locals and DN, Dark World is by far the number 1 most annoying deck to have to face.

I think it's time to take another look at my side deck before going to locals again.

The TCG Lover out!

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  1. Hate the advantage of Grapha when they Xyz it into a Heliopolis sun dragon then detach a grapha before nuking your field and bringing that Grapha back