Thursday, 6 September 2012

Jeff Jones's 2nd Place YCS Toronto Psychic Grandsoil Deck

Hello once again. With the outright possibility of this deck becoming big and everyone netdecking it left, right and centre: I've decided to post his decklist and talk about the deck's awesomeness and it's shortcomings.

So yeah, the deck focuses around Earth monsters. Of course Archetypes which all have the same attribute will function better than just a bunch of random crap. Jeff picked Psychics even though you can do just as well using other Earth Attributes (Like Karakuri, Geargia, Gadgets etc.). Especially ones that synchro since it ultimately will put 3 Earths in the graveyard rather than just 2. So when there's exactly 5, he can drop one of his 3 Grandsoils. I feel that 3 is a little too much for the deck, but 2 seems too little. So with that it can stay at 3 since having too many is better than having none at all.

So with Emergency Teleport, the deck is capable of some interesting combos. Being able to summon a Psychic and then Teleport into Psychic Jumper means you can switch Serene Psychic Witch with their stronger monster and ram it, thereby allowing you to banish Esper Girl and bring it back on your standby phase. The whole combo allows for some nice draw power and puts Earths in your graveyard at the same time.

It's blatantly obvious that Maxx "C" and Card Trooper are amazing for this deck. The former allows for some insane draw and it's just a pro card overall. Add the fact that it's an earth that can discard itself to the graveyard means it's catered so well for this deck. The latter can dump up to 3 earth monsters from it's effect in a single turn, allowing for Grandsoil's summoning condition to be set up in just 2 turns (Make that a single turn if you discard Maxx "C" on their turn). He also uses Tragoedia which I've never really liked playing, but it does provide a nice defence in case you don't have Gorz and your opponent overextends. Gorz does a much better job and Tragoedia can sometimes feel like you're stopping an oncoming car by throwing yourself onto the road. Add the fact that it's a Dark type means that it's place in the deck might be worth looking into.

Anyway, another part of his plan is Miracle Synchro Fusion. He uses that late game to banish his stuff (allowing for more Graveyard Control) in order to summon Ultimate Axon Kicker, which on it's own is powerful enough to win games by itself. Plus it can be bluffed as a set card and lets you draw when it's destroyed, making it less dead than the first part of the effect would like you to think.

The rest of the deck is pretty much staples.

So yeah, it's a really interesting deck but I wouldn't expect to see it much due to the surprise factor now gone. But it's really awesome to see such shining innovation at the top of a huge tournament. It sure beats looking at the decklist of a Wind-Up Deck.

Until next time, TheTCGLover Out!

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  1. Esper Girl is maybe not the best choice for a card to banish when swapping Witch, as it will be special summoned on your opponents standby phase.