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Tournament Report (30-06-12)

After being on holiday for a few days, I decided to go across to the other side of London and play in Upminster. It's a nice small venue which is Konami certified and therefore can legitimately give out Turbo Packs. It was 5 rounds with about 25 players. One of them was Jovan: the recent UK Nationals winner. He was playing the same build he ran there.

I decided to play Evols over Agents due to not being completely confident with the latter just yet. I felt like if I was to be matched up against Chaos Dragons, then I'd run into some problems. However, all the people piloting the deck were terrible and so I never had to face them.

Round 1: Evols Vs Dino Rabbit
I was not pleased that I had to play Dino Rabbit in the first round. I have not had enough experience playing it except for Dueling Network. However If I am to be a good player, I have to beat good player's decks.

I won the Die Roll
Game 1: He didn't draw Rabbit the whole game. He ended up attacking my Westlo with Sabersaurus, allowing me to get a Cerato. Unfortunately with all the Pro Dino Rabbit players maining D prisons, I knew attacking over Sabersaurus was not really a good option. I ended up going into Dolkka a few turns later after holding out and he exhausted his hand to get rid of it's materials. I ended my field with a nice assortment of Dragons and Dinosaurs.

Game 2: He did that thing where I want to punch him ever so slightly in the balls. You know the one, where Rabbit gets summoned and makes an Evolzar Laggia with 3 backrow. I tried to make something out of the situation but he had an answer for everything.

Game 3: I sided into Chain Disappearance and something else, but neither of them came up. However I did open with Najasho and Evo-Force, allowing me to return the favour that he did to me on game 2. I had about 6k LP to my name while he was trying to survive on 2900. Evolzar Dolkka put in work again when I realised he was holding back due to drawing a Gorz. Sealed me the game right there.


Round 2: Evols Vs Wind-Ups

I Lost the Die Roll
Game 1: He summoned Thunder-King and was trying to hold back his Wind-ups, since I had no idea what he was playing. He poked a couple of times. Eventually I had to resort to suiciding into it with a Cerato and then Reborning it. I then proceeded to return the favour about 3-4 times, dropping him down to about 1000. He then managed to get a dark hole, which I Solemn'd and then he Solemn'd, putting me down to 2050. At that point he Brought out a Zenmaity and then finished me off with a Shark.

Game 2: I sided into 2 Gozen Match and oh boy did it put in work. He said that he was running 3 MST but Gozen stayed on the field the entire duel. He couldn't do anything and I kept beating face with Dinosaurs and eventually, dragons. By this point he was mad and I knew that Game 3 was all down to luck.

Game 3: However, luck was not on my side (Even though I was running 2 Veilers and sided in 2 D.D. Crow). He looped me for 4 cards and ended the game with a Zenmaity and Leviathan Dragon on the field.

1-1 :(

Round 3: Evol Vs HERO 

I Won the Die Roll
Game 1: He was pleasantly surprised when he attacked Westlo with Alius. He tried to cope with a barrage of Diplos picking away at his backrow. Why he set some of the cards he did, I don't know (Stupid stuff like Duality). Eventually he was resorting to Veilers: 1 was used on Cerato to stop it getting over his Alius and one was used in defence to survive for another turn. When you see someone set a veiler, you know they are desperate or they are setting up for a BLS. However in Heros, the latter is usually not going to happen.

Game 2: He didn't have any sides for Evols, which tends to happen since they are a Tier 2 deck and not on the radar. I did the Zenmaister combo (ending my field with Zenmaister, Westlo and a Laggia) which put me in a really good position against his 3 backrow. He eventually decided (after a couple of minutes of looking at everything), to go all out and try and gain back the field. I was prepared with a Solemn Judgment and Laggia. I had to stop a Miracle Fusion and a Dark Hole. The last card in his hand was a Miracle Fusion (after he had reborned my Cerato onto his side) and used him and Alius to make a Nova Master, then attacked Zenmaister. I was like 'Uh oh TCGLover, you've got him down to 4500 and right now you have no way to get over it. Better draw into your favourite side'. Draw phase, Puppet Plant. GG.

2-1 :)

Round 4: Evol Vs Dino Rabbit

I Lost the Die Roll
Game 1: I opened so badly, and he had to read the card's effects since he couldn't be bothered to read up on the archetype whatsoever. That's Dino Rabbit players for you. I was trying to burn away at his resources with Ceratos and Najasho but couldn't draw into anything Substantial.

Game 2: I sided into Chain disappearance and opened with it. I knew that if I get it's effect off, I have sealed game 2. He went straight to Rabbit, I activated it and he chained Lance, crushing my hopes and dreams in the form of a Laggia. He attacked my Westlo and I really had nothing to deal with it. It didn't help that he had 3 backrow either.

2-2 :(

Round 5: Evol Vs Six Samurai

I Won the Die Roll
Game 1: I knew he was playing Six Samurai since I had been sitting next to him in previous matches. He had been downpaired since he was on 3-1 at this point and he told me that If I let him win, he would make the top 8 cut. I told him that there is a chance for me to make the cut if I win so that was reason enough for him to play. I ended up with some heavy backrow which had answers to his plays; Veilers for Kageki and Torrentials for his Kizan Spammage. Six Samurai have a tendency to burn through their resources, which is exactly what I made him do. I ended on the field with Laggia and he scooped with about 4000 life left.

Game 2: He did that annoying thing where he summons Six Samurais with Gateway and United on the field, allowing him to assemble several large creatures with no cost. He ended his turn with Grandmaster, Shadow, Kizan and Barkion. I draw into Puppet plant and took Shadow with the intention of ramming it into Barkion. He had a Compulsory set and I had no real answer for the smack I was about to recieve (I had Fiendish Chain in hand but with Barkion out, It was dead).

Game 3: He opened really badly and I quickly found my field presence high enough to push through. He managed a Shi en after drawing well and attacked westlo, allowing me to make Gem-Knight Pearl with the summoned Vulcano and Cerato, which took it out with ease. I was really worried he had Gorz since he had a card in hand he had been holding onto since the beginning of the game. However it turned out to be a dead card and I ploughed through his defences, and also his Self Esteem.

3-2 :)

So in the end I had managed to scrape together 9 points. Jovan was the only undefeated duelist. After the rankings had been posted, It turned out I had come 9th, meaning I was one away from making the Top 8 cut. I'm not really upset though and I did some decent trades.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my Tournament Report. I rarely go to Tournaments these days since I had been studying and It's not easy for me to get there. But I felt Evols really had shown their worth today and I made a stupid play on my 3rd round where he attacked with Reaper and I thought it took the card out of the hand before I can summon my Gorz. That misplay cost me that game and may have put me in the top cut.

TheTCGLover Out!

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