Friday, 15 June 2012

How do Agents fair this format?

That's right, I've started playing Agents. I didn't really play them that much when they were big, but fortunately Tour Guide really helps the deck do wonders. Having access to the card that searches the card that searches Venus somewhat helps to make up for the fact that Earth is currently at one.

Right now there are a few reasons why I decided on the deck. Firstly, the deck is still very strong. Being able  to drop Hyperion is always fun and it allows you to pop a card each turn. Think of it like Scrap Dragon but easier to summon. Having access to raw power is one of the fundamental factors in any deck's success right now. Rabbits have Laggia, Dragons have Red Eyes/Lightpulsar, Wind-Ups have Zenmaioh and Tiras, Inzektors have Giga-Mantis, and Agents have Hyperion.

Secondly, A deck needs to have small control plays that net you small amounts of advantage, so that when you finally decide to make a push for game, your opponent's resources were at the dwindling stage and are most likely not able to stop you. When watching good players play (Like the ones who consistently get the top 8 spots in a YCS), you will notice that if both players draw decent hands, the game becomes incredibly fun to watch. Each player is trading blows and it eventually comes down to the luck of the draw. Agents, just like many decks, have access to small plays that can net some nice advantage. The typical Venus play (pay 1500, get 3 balls, make a Gachi Gachi) is still a fantastic first play and thins your deck by 3 cards AND sets up Hyperion/Kristya. That setup is still viable even with Earth at 1.

Thirdly, if you have been keeping an eye on winning decklists in major tournaments, you will start to see this 'engine' thrown in every deck:

3 Tour guides
1 Sangan
1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
3 Effect Veiler
1 Gorz

Inzektors, Dragons, Rabbits and Wind-Ups can run this engine without it affecting the consistency of their overall win condition. However, each major deck can benefit from that engine in their own way. Rabbits use Tour guide to get rabbit back (thus explaining why they suck in the OCG). Dragons use Tour guide to make a 2500 beater to help OTK as well as put 2 darks into the graveyard for Dark Armed Dragon. Wind-ups use Guide to make Zenmaity and Inzektors run mostly level 3s so they can make rank 3s without having to use Sangan as an xyz material and just leave it on the field instead. 

Agents however, are made of tonnes of Lights. This makes the overall Engine much more consistent once you have BLS in your hand. It also allows you to run a Chaos Sorcerer alongside it since both of them are damn good cards.

With Trishula gone, the deck did take a hit. You cannot protect your Earth and then make a Trishula on turn 2 anymore. But with cards like Genex Ally Birdman, you can still make level 8 synchros which are still very powerful and it does not get banished if sent to the Graveyard as an Xyz material. A fantastic play is to Tour guide into another Tour guide, then bounce the one that was Special Summoned (Since it cannot be used as a synchro material) and then you have a choice of Rank 3 or a Brionac, with the Tour Guide in your hand to follow up with next turn! I'd prefer broke combos like that over Trishula any day.

But even with these awesome factors, the deck benefits from other outside support than what I've talked about already. The T.G. engine still functions very well in the deck and there's no reason why you shouldn't run 1 Striker and 2 Warwolf, provided you have the room. It opens up more synchro options which is something you should always strive to have. It also allows you to make Wonder Magician with either Earth or Striker, which is still a fantastic card.

Oh and on a final note, Veiler their Rabbit, Mind control it on your turn and then Banish it to summon 2 Shine Balls. Thats a Free Gachi and you got rid of their Rabbit!

The TCG Lover out!


  1. ... Having access to the card that searches the card that searches Venus somewhat helps...


  2. Yeah. If only Venus could search Tour guide, then we'd have a slow as hell loop.