Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Lightray Gearfried in Lightsworns + Decklist

With the Lightrays now released, whether or not each one has it's own use is being debated as we speak. Some of them can be thrown in decks and some of them requires a deck around it. With Lightray Gearfried though, it seems to be it's own boss monster in anything with a decent amount of light monsters.

Ok. So it's got a fantastic 2800 attack, just like it's original counterpart. It's also got a respectable summoning condition that can be fulfilled in light decks. Agents can fill their graveyard quite quickly using Venus and Shine Balls.

But realistically, when using a big beater, you want to able to utilise ALL of it's effects, which an agent deck won't be able to do.

The great thing about this card is it's ability to negate a spell/trap each turn. It's what makes Shi en so darn good. You can just keep it on the field and negate things every turn, therefore depleting your opponent's resources while you're smacking them for 2500 each turn. But this card is different. In exchange for 300 extra attack (Which can help get over quite a few big monsters like Grapha), you must remove a Warrior-type to be able to negate something.

So in Lightsworns, you can mill your Jain(s), Ehren(s) and Garoth(s) to provide fodder for it's effect. But while Gearfried does require 5 different lights with different names, it's not tied to specifically lightsworns like Judgment dragon is, which might be the push to bring it back into the competitive scene. I'd prefer a 2800 negater over a 3000 nuke machine. That might be the other way around for you though.

Instead of talking about it's possibility of being good in a light deck, I decided to make a quick decklist showing if the card is viable in a lightsworn deck.

Click the picture!

I also threw in a Lightray Diabolos to add to the backrow hate. I thought 3 gearfried might be a little too cloggy if you draw too many of them at once. Of course this is a first draft and there is room for improvement, so suggest fixes!

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