Monday, 14 May 2012

Cardcar D is actually quite bad

Yes it is. The reasons why I feel it is so bad are pretty valid and I hope you agree.

1. The TCG has tour guide while the OCG does not. This is one of the big factors that will explain why Cardcar is not played here but is played in threes in the OCG. The fact is, everyone likes generic draw power and Cardcar gives exactly that. But being able to make beaters and searching are also great to have, which tour guide offers both. if I want draw power in inzektors then I'll run duality and allure and tour guide if I have them.

2. Veiler is at 2 or 3 in most decks. This reason applies to both games but Cardcar was being hyped immensely before the priority ruling changed. When it did come around, people still thought it was just as good. You cannot compare it to Rescue rabbit due to it baiting out veilers much more than Cardcar. If you know that you can OTK your opponent next turn, then veilering their Cardcar is pretty much irrelevant. This brings me nicely to my third point.

3. The format is too fast. The amount of restrictions placed on the card that you are forced to give up a summon which almost means a whole turn. Unless you draw some good traps in your opening hand, you are essentially saying "I'll let you go first in exchange that I can have an extra card". Thats a pretty good trade off to be honest, it allows me to go into laggia and set 3 backrows. When I have that on the field your 6/7 card hand is pretty much going to get depleted to almost nothing to try and dismantle my field. In time there will be a format for this card, but this format is not the one.

4. It's a secret. It forces the casual/competitive player such as myself to commit a large sum of money for a playset of something that might just end up being a big flop. I know that tour guides would be a good investment since it has single handedly defined the format by itself. It's price tag reflects that but as of right now Cardcar D is still at its hyped price. the rarity also explains why the OCG can experiment with 3 in their decks without that financial worry.

There are other reasons why I don't approve of this card and I'm sure some of you out there like it. If you feel that my reasoning is not justified then please comment below. I'd love to hear your opinion on it (no sarcasm intended).

Until next time, TheTCGLover Out!


  1. 1. So why not run Cardcar AND Tour Guide? Pretty much guarantee yourself to plus every single turn. Not to mention forcing your opponent to open with Veiler or lose.

    2. See number 1

    3. Yeah, cause everyone summons Cardcar without setting any backrow. Open with Cardcar and Duality then tell me you won't have any defense against that Laggia your opponent is gonna try to make.

    4. Duality says 'sup.

  2. To answer 1 and 2, you cannot run both. It becomes too many cards that do a similar job. You may say that's a flawed answer, but drawing into 2 cardcar d is pretty annoying, but drawing into multiples of each card can become incredibly underwhelming. Tour guide will still allow you to make beaters but without a proper aggressive monster lineup you're going to be drawing them all the time, especially when you don't want to.

    I was implying that if your opponent does not draw the nuts, then you can easily set up before they do. Cardcar relies on you drawing multiple backrow cards along with it to ensure you don't lose control of the game. You cannot give a card credit if it relies on you drawing the nuts for it to be a safe option.

  3. My argument would be that I can draw a better hand that can beat out Laggia and three backrows. Also, most decks set a trap or two, play Duality, then play Cardcar D so they have some protection.

    Also, saying that Veiler stops Cardcar D is like saying nobody should play Dino Rabbit because Veiler stops Rescue Rabbit.

    I honestly feel like you're just pointing out of the flaws of Cardcar D which is:
    -drawing multiples (this was brought up with Pot of Duality years ago and people still use two or three copies of Duality)
    -secret rare for the TCG and has a big price tag

    Also, comparing Cardcar D and Tour is no different from comparing Raigeki Break and PWWB or MST and Night Beam.

  4. If you draw duality and Card Car D, then they will go hand in hand nicely allowing you to cater your hand to your liking for the next turn so you can explode. However, with that being said it's still not a guaranteed combo. Duality can reveal dead cards and Card Car D can still suck if you open a hand of monsters. I'm just saying that Card Car D functions better in decks with fewer monsters, since you can just use it to draw them than having to run more in an attempt to draw more of the monsters. But in this theoretical deck, there are few monsters apart from card car D and In all meta decks right now, they have a good number of monsters in their deck.

    What you said in the last sentence is somewhat true, But nobody will play night beam since it's versatility is not great compared to MST. Tour guide (MST) is more versatile than card car D (Night beam) since it allows for big monsters, it's a dark target and you can use sangan to tutor whatever you want into your hand. I'd prefer searching for cards over draw power anyday.

    The card is okay. I just don't see the hype around it where we have much better options.

  5. Actually, I feel like the argument about drawing more than one can now be mitigated due to the change in the priority rule.

    With the TCG rulings being brought into line with the OCG, this allows for other cards that were ineffective against the top tier decks to be used effectively. Specifically; Raigeki Break. This trap can be used to shut down Rabbit and Inzektor plays and drawing into an extra Cardcar in the opening hand actually feeds it. Not to mention running it in Inzektors, which already have a minimum of 5 cards that you can use from the grave.