Friday, 23 December 2011

Jurrac Guaiba

Hey readers. Once again I apologise for the lack of consistency in my blog posts. As I stated in a previous post, I will post what I deem interesting rather than what has just been announced.

So after coming back from YCS Brighton, I did not get the chance to play any Rabbit Dino decks. However, there was one card in the deck that many decks can use without having to be rich.

Jurrac Guaiba is an interesting little tech card that works in the deck it's currently being used in quite well. It allows for the deck to make plays while waiting for a Rabbit or a Gold sarcophagus (whichever comes first, then the sackyness starts). All it requires you to do is destroy a monster by battle, and you get a free Evolzar Laggia in your main phase 2.

Note how it does not say "and sends it to the graveyard". Meaning that you can hit a token or a battle fader and you still get it's effect.

Like most cards, it falls susceptible to cards like Veiler and Maxx "C", so you will not get it's effect off 100% off the time, especially if you are playing a YCS level player.

But what I really like about the card is its general versatility. It CAN be played in many different decks without hurting the overall win condition. On it's own it can make it's own plays and you get a free Solemn Judgement (with legs) out of it. As soon as it hits the field, Guaiba is putting a lot of pressure on your opponent to deal with it quickly before it becomes a bigger problem. I mean, nobody liked seeing a first turn Shi en and 3 backrows (Warning, Magatama and Judgement) did they?

Another great thing I noticed about the card is it's general psychology that comes with the card. As soon as you see the card, whether you see it on a table in your locals, in a binder or on the Wikia, you know what it's being used it in right now. If you go first, Summon Guaiba and your opponent does not know what deck you are using, they will assume its a Rabbit deck, and most likely overextend to stop you. You can imagine their surprise when you start summon a lonefire and make some pro plays.

Along with the few hand traps that can stop this card, this card suffers the same problem as Reborn Tengu in that multiples are dead in your hand. But that has not stopped players running 3 of them has it?

So yeah. In conclusion, Jurrac Guaiba is a really nice little addition to almost any deck right now. It provides field presence and if you get it's effect, a free solemn for them to deal with on their turn. You can either play 2 or 3 copies. 3 copies adds consistency to the engine but 2 eliminates as many dead draws. I'm currently testing 3 in T.G. Plants (A deck I'm just messing around with) and it's working great. I can ditch the extra copies by One for One or use it with the T.G.s or spore for a high level synchro summon.

On an unrelated note, If you are a viewer of my Youtube Channel (I am more active on that than this blog these days, so Subscribe to it!) I am getting a new camera to film Deck Profiles and Duels. They will be in 720p quality and there will be none of that one-handed or having to balance the camera on the table nonsense anymore. That means better video quality, better content and overall a better experience for you.

- Kyle

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