Thursday, 7 October 2010

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Summoning Curse

The next card up for review is another common card from The Duelist Revolution. I believe it was worth a rarity upgrade, but nobody's complaining. Presenting: Summoning Curse!

Oh look, Dark Armed Dragon!

Now it has a very good effect. Whenever a player special summons a monster, the cards controller has to remove from play one card in their hand. But to keep it on the field, you have to pay 500 life points at each of your end phases.

This card is best used in decks that do not special summon, such as gadgets or watt decks. But it can still be used in other decks too. This card basically stops special summons in the same way as Royal oppression. Your opponent will have to be willing to sacrifice cards in their hand to swarm the field. And since the cards sacrificed will be REMOVED from the game, your opponent wont be able to trigger cards like dandylion or any dark world monsters.

But compared to Royal oppression, Summoning curse does not get rid of the monster, and 500 life points a turn can accumulate to quite a lot. If you manage to get both of them out though, then you can destroy the big monsters, and make them remove cards when they summon weaker ones.

This card can also work in infernities. Since they play with no hand, they have no cards to remove when they special summon monsters!

Try it out sometime, its surprisingly effective!

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