Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Starstrike Blast Sneak Peek: Cards to look out for

Right. A new post which isn't a review. I thought that i would show a collection of new cards which you might want to look out for at the sneak peek. here is my top 6:

6 - Tuning
A card which yusei used a few times in the anime. you add a card with "synchron" in its name from your deck to your hand, then send 1 card from your deck to the graveyard.
With about 10 monsters with Synchron in its name, you have a good pool of cards to search to deal with any situation. Notable cards to search are Quickdraw synchron, junk synchron and Synchron Explorer. The second effect means that you might be lucky enough to mill a dandylion and load your field with 2 non-tuners so your synchron can come in and synchro summon right away. In my opinion, with quickdraw being a very strong deck already, this card will break them.

5 - Large Heat Wave
A cold wave for monsters. Its absolutely broken and should have never been made. until your next draw phase, you and your opponent cannot normal summon or special summon (but you can flip summon) effect monsters. Nobody plays vanillas anymore (except for a certain few cards) so this card hurts any deck right now. The most broken part of this card is that it ends on your next draw phase. That means that if you manage a way to skip your next draw phase, the effect continues for another 2 turns! So with reckless greed, you can stop your opponent from summoning monsters face up for 3 turns.
Trust me, its broken.

4 - Red Nova Dragon
Being printed in a tin, this card is a powerhouse that jack uses with a "burning soul". its summoning requirements are somewhat a pain, but if you can get it out, you can run over anything. It can protect itself from any effect by removing itself and that means one attack is negated too. It comes back in the end phase after that effect. It gains 500 attack for each tuner in your graveyard, which means with 3 tuners needed to summon it, it usually comes onto the field with a whopping 5000 attack points. With decks like flamvell, you can use rekindling to summon Flamvell baby, Flamvell Archer, Flamvell Magician and a Flamvell Firedog/Grunika from your graveyard and synchro it all into Red nova dragon. And it only costs you one card.

3 - Psi-Blocker
Recently announced on the konami strategy website, this TCG exclusive has a great effect which definitely see play once this set is released. Once per turn, you can declare a card name and its effects are negated and cannot be activated until your opponents next turn. this means you can declare your opponent's face down cards, and if you're lucky to have declared one of them, you can attack without fear. This card can also hit cards that activate in the hand, like Battle Fader and Gorz, the emmisary of darkness. Be sure to look out for anyone who pulls one of these at the sneak!

2 - Glow up bulb
This card laughs at spores playability. If this card is in your graveyard, once per duel, you can send the top card from your deck to the graveyard to special summon this card from the graveyard. I believe that this card rivals the playability of plaguespreader, and it doesn't mess up your next draw if the play you were going to make does not turn out the way you wanted. Want an example of an epic play? Special summon cyber dragon, special summon this card, special summon dandylion tokens if it gets milled, then synchro into stardust dragon or goyo guardian. This card can also help with the summoning of formula synchron which is also debuting in this set. It needs a level 1 tuner and a level 1 non tuner so this card helps its summoning perfectly.

But what's the number one card to look out for this set? Well im undecisive between swift-attacking scarecrow and other cards. I'll let you decide...

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