Thursday, 14 October 2010

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Scrap Chimera

Next up for review is another scrap monster (the first was scrap dragon). Scraps have debuted in The Duelist Revolution and have already claimed a YCS. But there is one scrap monster that makes it the amazing archetype that it is: Scrap Chimera.

While Scrap dragon is more splashable, scrap chimera is a brilliant card for its own deck. Its effect fits into its deck perfectly.

Beep Beep RAWRRRR!

When you normal summon this card, you can select (that means it targets!) one Scrap tuner monster in your graveyard and special summon it. But this card cannot be used as a synchro material except for a Scrap synchro monster AND all the other monsters used for that synchro summon have to be Scraps, too.

Thats a mouthful right there, but even though it can only used for a scrap monster synchro summon, it special summons its own scrap monster to tune with! The best card to special summon with Scrap Chimera's effect would be Scrap Beast so you can synchro summon straight into Scrap Dragon.

But Scrap Dragon is not the only synchro monsters avaliable to Scrap Chimera. The Duelist revolution sneak peek card Scrap Archfiend is a level 7, so you can special summon Scrap Goblin and tune straight into him. When the next set, Starstrike Blast is released, Scraps will get a level 9 synchro monster called Scrap Twin Dragon (when its in the TCG). You can use Scrap Chimera to special summon Scrap Soldier (Which is also coming out in Starstrike Blast) and synchro into that.

But enough about what it can synchro into (which is why its so good). With 1700 attack and 500 defence, it is the beater of the deck right now and does not have the drawback of being destroyed at the end of the battle phase like the other scrap monsters do. With Scrap Chimera, you can special summon scrap beast or scrap goblin, and attack and destroy them. Their effects will activate and destroy themselves, which lets you get a scrap monster back to your hand (Like another scrap chimera!) whichever way you look at it, scrap chimera will easily give you at least a +1.

And thats that. If you play a scrap deck, you need to have 3 of this card. Its just simply too good not to. And since its not very splashable, do not expect this card to be seen on the ban list.

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