Saturday, 21 August 2010

The New September 2010 Ban List: How Well Did Konami Do? Part 2

Continuing on from part one, we have the limited list


Infernity Launcher
Black Whirlwind
Monster Reborn
Dark Hole
Royal Oppression

I personally think these additions to the limited list are reasonable. This list reflects the recent outburst of anti-meta and blackwing decks that were at the world championship last week.

Black whirlwind being limited was probably not necessary at all. blackwings have not been a threat at all as of late. It seemed fine at 2 as there was no way to add it to your hand except by drawing it.

Infernity Launcher was a well needed limiting. Its effect was so outright broken and gave the user instant advantage. Its effect also meant that you could bring out 3 to 4 high level synchro monsters in one turn. That alone is reason enough to have limited it.

Monster reborn coming off the forbidden list has been done before. Since the game has gone a certain direction over time since the beginning, Monster revival seems to be a little less important than other game mechanics that are abused by some decks today. Call of the haunted was limited (from forbidden) a couple of formats ago and players rarely play it. Monster reborn is a little more splashable than Call of the haunted, but it does not fit into every deck believe it or not.

Dark hole becoming limited was a real shock in my opinion. Its effect is basically a raigeki since players are often clearing eachothers field every turn. Its effect has no cost and as long as you destroy more than one of your opponents monsters, you have generated advantage for yourself. With Heavy storm out of the picture this format, players are becoming more trap heavy and have no good reason to run starlight road anymore. this means that dark hole has nearly zero resistance when played. The only possible card being used these days to negate monster destruction would be My Body as a Shield.

Lastly, Royal Oppression limited hurt many decks and was not needed. there are not many cards that can prevent special summons like Oppression does (reliably and usable many times), so it left a gap in the game for decks to abuse. With Oppression at one, players know now that if it is in their opponents grave, they are pretty sure they can special summon with a little less resistance. I'm glad they decided to limit this card over something like Bottomless Trap Hole though. That would have been a HUGE mistake.

The semi limiting and unlimiting of the other cards on the list were pretty self explanatory, but i would have liked to have seen stardust dragon on the list somewhere, as well as XX-Saber Darksoul (Which would not happen for a long time since the OCG does not have it yet).

Now, back to the card reviews!

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