Monday, 13 September 2010

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Scrap Dragon

Hey. With the DuelistRevolution, we have been introduced to the new Scrap Archetype. This archetype specialises around bringing back its comrades from the graveyard when they are destroyed, so you never run out of them!

But one monster stands out above the rest. It does not even need to be kept in its own archetype. Im talking of course about Scrap Dragon

So thats where my dishwasher went...

Its effect is something quite special. Once a turn, you can select and destroy one card you control and one card your opponent controls. when its destroyed, you can special summon one non-synchro scrap monster from your graveyard.

Now these effects are both good. With scrap chimera, this card is extremely easy to bring out. Its first effect and the fact that it does not require any specific tuners or non-tuners means that you can put it into your extra deck regardless of what deck you play.

With cards like dandylion, card trooper or hero's medal, you can destroy your own cards without losing advantage!

Its second effect ties in perfectly with the scrap theme. You can use its first effect to destroy your opponents monster and this card, then special summon another scrap and attack directly.

This card will see more play in the next few months. Look out for this card in extra decks near you!

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  1. This guy is kickass, you can destroy your own Treeborn Frog every turn and any card your opponent controls. I like to use him with Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys, destroy it and your opponent's monster, and let the Phoenix take care of the spells/traps. All in all, this card is very splashable. Good review choice.