Sunday, 11 November 2012

Thunder King Rai-Oh: Best monster in the game?

Hey guys. TheTCGLover here.

You've already read the title, and It begs the question: is Thunder King ultimately the best monster card ever created?

Lets take a look at it at first glance.
- 1900 attack, the best attack to be at for a level 4
- It's LIGHT. That means once it's died, it's still putting in work for you beyond the grave.
- It's not part of an Archetype. That means your opponent can't take it and use it with all of their Archetype cards (Like wind-ups).
- It can negate an inherent summon, which means that your opponent has to get over it by wasting cards.
- It shuts off Searching. To add to the previous point, if your opponent is looking for outs to this card, then how screwed are they when their outs are not currently in their hand?

But the best thing I like about it is that in terms of card advantage, it can be devastating. It will always one-for-one in terms of actual cards. But the new refined format of deciding card advantage means that this card is putting in work without you knowing it.

Bear with me while I explain it.

You have the normal card advantage, where if there are no cards on the field (for example) and you have 4 cards in hand to your opponent's 3, then you are currently ahead by 1 card. But the game has evolved farther than that.

What happens if the three cards in your opponent's hand is Monster Reborn, Thunder King and Torrential Tribute, while in your hand you have 3 Mystical Shine Balls and a dead Solemn Warning?

Your +1 advantage is not looking so good anymore, is it?

This is where Thunder King shines the most. A first turn Thunder King means that ANY and ALL search power is now dead until Thunder King is taken off the field. The Dualities, Thunder Sea Horses, E-Emergency Calls, The Agent of Mystery - Earths are all completely useless. While you're at 6 cards to your opponent's 6 cards, in actual fact you are ahead. All it took to accomplish that was your normal summon.

It goes beyond the "Lol no searching" application with this card however. The card's key strength really lies in it's ability to really hit the meta hard every single format. The definition of speed begins with the ability to SEARCH for your combo pieces faster than your opponent and be able to SUMMON as many monsters as possible. A first turn Thunder King is the most efficient way of giving your opponent and his deck the middle finger, while allowing you to make your plays next turn.

That's my reasoning behind why I feel it's arguably the best monster currently in the game. I'm not even mentioning the strengths against certain decks, because we all know that it puts in work against almost every single one, especially with Inzektors now off the radar again.

There is more to say about the card, but why bother? The stuff I've already mentioned should be enough to convince you of it's power.

Until next time, TheTCGLover out!

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  1. Summoner monk to special another summoner monk, special a Thunder King
    Then XYz with 2 summoner monks for any Rank 4 (Generally Steelswarm Roach or CairnGorgon Antiluminiscient Knight)

    A decent lock for your 1st turn