Saturday, 17 November 2012

Tag Dueling in Yu-Gi-Oh

Hey guys, TCGLover here.

I've been playing around on YGOPro somewhat recently. It was mainly because I was fed up with the sheer volume of incompetent players on Dueling network. Clearly the major flaw is that the program needs to be automated so that players are not whining to eachother. As of right now, YGOPro is still a little flawed in areas but overall it's giving me a lot of fun and not once have I had to say "eff" in the chat. Trust me, you don't miss it at all once you stop.

One difference that YGOPro has that cannot be compared to by the DN is Tag Dueling. On YGOPro you can host/join a 4 player game, with 2 players on each team, taking turns.

So if you win the Rock Paper Scissors:
1. You go first and can't attack
2. First opponent goes and can attack
3. Your partner goes and can attack
4. Second opponent goes.

You all share the same board and you all have a separate extra deck.

This could easily be implemented into real life just by giving each player their own colour sleeve, so that when the game ends the cards don't get muddled up. Of course that means your opponent can make a better guess about how to deal with the situation, but there's no other way to do it.

Another benefit to playing a tag duel is the advantage you get when both players play the same deck or archetype. You can synergise each others cards much better and situational combos go off a lot more often. For example one player can use 2 cards to make a naturia beast and the other player can make barkion. Normally using 2 cards in hand to make a synchro is a bad idea, but in this case it's not since the reward outweighs the cost.

Another thing to understand about playing tag duels in this way is how to optimise cards. For example, heavy storm will be live and most likely plus more than normal since both opponents will be setting cards. If you're going first, it would make sense to set your first turn heavy storm so your partner can flip it up before playing any cards and begin without having to deal with backrows, allowing you to maintain their field commitment on your turn. Simply put, going third or fourth means you are expected to commit to the field and take out your opponents field in a way that the person going fourth is going to have a hard time. That's only provided you can commit due to your partner who went before you actually knows what they're doing and gives you the right cards to use. That kind of strategy does not require both players to be playing the same deck, they just have to be conscious of how your end turn field is going to help your partner.

But the thing that annoys me the most about it on YGOPro is when they don't understand that giving each other cards is good. They make their own individual plays and against a total of 12 cards (from 2 separate decks with 2 different play styles), you should expect your field to not hold up at all. Setting monster reborn is allowing your partner to use it and make a wall for the both of you to sit behind if you need to.

Anyway that's all there is to say about that, check out my video below to see a video equivalent and what happens when your partner is a bad player.

Until next time, TCGLover out!

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