Monday, 3 October 2011

"Which spell card is the most powerful back row removal card in the game" Poll

The poll actually closed a few days ago, i just wanted to be consistent with my blog entries.

Thanks to everyone that voted, here is what you guys voted:

- 30 (48%) said Heavy Storm
- 16 (25%) said Giant Trunade
- 4 (6%) said Mystical Space Typhoon
- 12 (19%) are awesome and like cookies.

Cookies are ridiculously overpowered. To 0 Konami, TO 0!!

Ok, now let's be serious. I'm not surprised that nearly half of you said Heavy storm. If you eliminate all the other cards in the game, Heavy storm is mathematically the most powerful and is capable of destroying the most backrow out of the three. Trunade cannot destroy anything, but that has not stopped it being banned.

Now lets put all the cards in the game back into the equation. If you play the game for a while, you will realize the power of each card and their uses. Heavy storm CAN eliminate all back row threats permanently, allowing you to plus off that card alone. Once your opponent takes a heavy storm, they are wide open for anything you throw at them. The obvious benefit over Giant Trunade is that if you cannot deal the final hit that turn, your opponent can't set everything on their turn again and stop any chance of dealing that hit. That's essentially what made last format a 'Set 5, go' format. Decks like T.G. Stun could summon a floater and protect it with 4-5 back row and laugh. It was not a fun format, to be completely honest. You had to leave 8-12 spots in your deck for traps OR run very resourceful monsters like Reborn Tengu (Which laughs at most played traps) or as said above, T.G.s.

However, Heavy Storm and MST dictates what many players put into their decks. Starlight Road thrives in a Heavy Storm format and it's what allows decks like Gravekeeper's and Dragunity to stay competitive. Chainable cards are more popular because of Heavy and 3 MST (A huge mistake by Konami) so you can plus off them. For example, your opponent activates Heavy storm and you chain Compulsory Evacuation Device on their Synchro or Xyz monster.

So while all back row removal cards have their weaknesses and strengths, Heavy Storm overall is the most potent and game changing one.

Surely we can agree that bringing MST down to 1 on the banlist would solve all problems. The last time this was so was back in March 2010. The two months before Infernity broke the game (In May) were a couple of the most diverse and fun months in Yu-Gi-Oh.


  1. But because with Heavy and MST at 3, more skill plays can be seen as you will need to decide whether you are going to set one and risk MST or set 2 and risk Storm. Good calls mean good games IMO.

  2. What you just said is not my idea of skill to be honest. If there is so much removal that you know most of your traps will never see the light of day, then where is the skill?

    I would rather a format where I only need to worry about MST once. If your opponent is prepared to counter your traps, then that's skill. If they run so much back row removal that they don't need to care about what you're setting, then that's not.