Monday, 29 August 2011

Rescue Rabbit Jurracs

A thought came to my head. What happens when a rabbit with a whistle crosses the road with a bunch of dinosaurs?

They turn into dragons, obviously.

Monsters - 19
3x Rescue Rabbit
3x Sabersaurus (1900 attack normal dinosaur)
3x Kabazauls (1800 attack normal dinosaur)
3x Jurrac Guaiba
3x Jurrac Velo
2x Effect veiler
1x Gorz, the Emmisary of Darkness
1x Sangan

Spells - 13
1x Dark hole
1x Monster reborn
1x Heavy storm
2x Pot of duality
3x Mystical space typhoon
3x Fossil dig
1x Book of moon
1x Pot of avarice

Traps - 8
1x Solemn judgment
1x Starlight road
2x Spiritual fire art - kurenai
2x Bottomless trap hole/Solemn warning
2x Call of the haunted

Extra - 15
3x Evolkaiser Lagia (The heart and soul of this deck)
1x number 39: Utopia
1x Stardust dragon
1x Trishula, dragon of the ice barrier
1x Ally of justice catastor
1x Scrap dragon
Other synchros and xyz of your choice.

The main win condition in this deck is to summon Lagia. Its power to negate almost anything means its more broken than shi en really.

If you're super rich, then run 3 tour guides in this deck alongside sangan. that allows you to go into Leviair the sea dragon and use its effect to special summon a banished rescue rabbit and get a monster from your deck. Then you can use rescue rabbit to special summon Lagia. 2 xyz monsters (one that solemn judgments your opponent) all from one card in your hand and one in your banished zone. Thats pretty broken.

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