Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Heavy Storm and 3 MST

I'd like to do a short discussion on one of the biggest things to hit Yugioh in a long time. That is the inclusion of Heavy storm and 3 Mystical space typhoons.

This has caused a large contrast to this format, which has been known for being really heavy on backrow. You could essentially summon a monster and set 4-5 trap cards. That in itself creates a very steep uphill climb for the person going second. Because of that, this format has been called a "dice roll format" by many.

If you have watched the best decks this format, they all have their own way with dealing with backrow efficiently. Six samurai have shi en, Tengu plants can pick away at your opponent's backrow with stuff like Tengu and Ryko, and T.G. monsters can replace themselves in the end phase, plus they run Tengu too.

It meant cards like Horn of the Phantom beast suddenly become popular. It shot from a 25 cents card to a 3-5 dollar game changer. Cards such as that thrive in formats like this, where it gets you deeper into your deck and +2s (Provided you activated it at damage calculation).

But Konami, Specifically Kevin tewart, Decided to flip the table on what was beginning to become a normal routine and travel to the other side of the spectrum. He decided to unlimit heavy storm, and take MST off the banlist.

Now im a heavy storm fan myself. I think that with cards such as Starlight road around, it requires a little bit less "Herpa derp" than its brother Giant trunade. By that i mean, if you do use it and run into a starlight road, then you have dug yourself a pretty deep grave. Players complained that when heavy storm does successfully go off, it puts you in a really nice position to overextend and your opponent cannot just reset the traps from his hand.

As mentioned above, Starlight road is going to play a big part in decks this format. With Dark hole and heavy storm in every deck, this card has a lot of leverage to be able to fit in most decks, regardless of the playstyle. Gravekeepers may be able to stay afloat this format, provided they run 2-3 of them to protect their field spell.

However, Konami also decided to unlimit MST. This move is in my opinion, one of the worst decisions that konami has done in a long time. With mst at 3, traps are almost pointless. You will be unable to set anything and get its effect (unless its chainable) and Starlight road will have trouble keeping on the field to get you your free dragon.

But the main problem is that having MST at 3 means that so many decks (Think about diversity) become obselete. Gadgets rely on their backrow, as well as T.Gs and Gravekeepers. It means the game will become faster than it was already, and the only way to survive this format is to stay on the offensive constantly. This normally means overextending and trying to overpower your opponent as quick as possible. This also means that the best decks of next format are going to be the decks that can produce the most amount of power and advantage in the quickest time possible.

Now in context of myself, i plan on playing Lightsworns this format (see the video i posted a couple of days ago). With MST at 3 and Judgment dragon at 3, this deck can be incredibly fast simply because there is almost no resistance.

But with this change, many cards suddenly become a lot more playable. Battle fader might play a really big part this format since it will rarely get warning'd anymore and it can stop a huge push, allowing you to push over their push and win the game. Effect veiler suddenly becomes a lot more interesting now (it was already, but theres even more reason to run it now). I can see it being ran in 3s in some decks.

In conclusion, i feel that Konami went just a little overboard on backrow removal on the banlist. If they kept MST at 2, then it would have been fine.

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