Monday, 30 January 2012

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Review: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

Hello readers. I'm going to upload a few duels on my channel in the next couple of days. I hoped you guys liked the pack and box openings I posted on there.

Anyway. Now that Order of Chaos is out of the way, we have to see what the new banlist holds. There are still some underlying cards that have been needing a hit or ban for quite some time. Konami consistently ignores the main problems of the Meta and it's frustrating to see engines like plants still around after 2-3 formats. I hope Destiny Draw comes back to 2, but that's just because I'm biased now that The Shining will be playable for UK players on the 20th of march.

Anyway. As well as the banlist, we also have a good amount of the next set revealed. Today's card review is of the cover card of Galactic Overlord: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon.

Black Luster Soldier has met it's match.

As you can tell, it's an upgraded form of Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, which was the cover card of Photon Shockwave. At a beefy 4500 attack and 3000 defence, it's a fearsome opponent to contend with. It's effect(s) are not too bad either.

3 Level 8 monsters
When this card is Xyz Summoned using "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" as an Xyz material: Negate the effects of all other face-up cards on the field. Once per turn: You can detach an xyz material from this card. detach all xyz materials from all monsters your opponent controls and this card gains 500 attack for each xyz material detached this way, also during this turn's battle phase: this card can attack equal to the number of xyz materials detached by this effect.

What an effect! It's got anime written all over it because it does lack some of the more playable traits that good players look for in a card. Firstly it needs 3 level 8s. That's pretty hard to accomplish but fortunately you can synchro into level 8s quite easily and cards like Gagaga Magician can help.

So when you use the original Galaxy-eyes as an xyz material, all face-up cards on the field are negated. That helps with it's main effect since it needs to be able to get its attack through without being stopped. That can be monster effects or face-up trap and spell cards. It can also help you by negating something like Royal Decree or Messenger of peace. Of course, being able to negate monster effects can really help you when it's your opponent's turn. If you're playing something like Inzektors or Wind-ups, you don't want to see this on your opponent's field.

So it's main effect. Detach one of it's 3 materials and then detach all your opponent's xyz materials. If your opponent has 4 xyz monsters, that's going to be up to 8 materials detached. then Neo Galaxy-Eyes will gain 4000 (500*8) attack, making for a total of 8500 attack and it can attack 8 times this turn. Of course, the chances of this situation coming up is slim, but you can imagine the lol factor if it does happen. Most likely you will either be summoning this against a field with either 1 or no xyz monsters. This is not the kind of format to be overextending on the field unless you know you have game.

Neo has a big problem though. Like many other xyz monsters, the main challenge is bringing it out. This seems like the kind of card that requires a deck built around it. There are cards that can help you make it. cards like Star Light, Star Bright can change all monsters on your field to the same level as one of them. I just wish that it only needed 2 level 8's though.

At least it looks nice. I like the red look.

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