Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Offering Gadgets (Post GENF)

Hey everyone. I'm sorry i've been away for a month. I just want to apologise to my regular readers who might have wondered where i have been and thought i was gone forever.

However, that is not the case.

I've theorised a gadget deck, but with the machinas thrown in there too (They are just so darn good not to).

Deck 41
Monsters - 19
3x Machine Gearframe
3x Machine Fortress
1x Machine Force
2x Green Gadget
2x Red Gadget
2x Yellow Gadget
2x Thunder King Rai-Oh
2x Effect veiler
1x Blackwing - Gale the whirlwind

Spells - 12
1x Monster reborn
1x Dark hole
1x Limiter removal
1x Book of moon
2x Smashing ground
2x Mystical space typhoon
1x Giant trunade
3x Pot of duality

Traps - 11
3x Ultimate offering
2x Dimensional prison
2x Solemn warning (or Bottomless trap hole)
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Seven tools of the bandit
1x Mirror force
1x Torrential tribute

Extra deck
3x Number 39: Utopia
3x Steelswarm roach
1x Trishula, Dragon of the Ice barrier
1x Chimeratech fortress dragon
7 other generic synchros

So the general idea here is to use Ultimate offering to Xyz summon up to 4 Xyz monsters in a single turn using ultimate offering and the gadgets. I have seen many decks trying to make this but have some really stupid cards in there like Marauding captain (I refuse to use trashy cards like Gurensaurus). This deck still needs some tweaking (like a couple of Pot of dualities for consistency) so give me some ideas about what to change.


  1. why does everybody think this will be a good deck? It's very easy to stop it, people will just run ojama trio, oppression, pulling the rug, and skill drain. There is no reason for this deck to be as powerful as people say it will be. In addition, thunder king is a dangerous option given that more than a quarter of this deck is dedicated solely to searching the deck for other cards.

    I would instead (should i want to build around this decktype, because i think it would be better for me to just build my worms to accept XYZ) build something like this

    3 Red Gadget
    3 Yellow Gadget
    3 Green Gadget
    2 Machina Gearframe (3 is too much, it's easier to reuse if you have to)
    3 Machina Fortress
    1 Machina Force
    2 Effect Veiler (1 isn't enough with all the trishula and stuff out there)
    1 Genex Ally Birdman (machine/fuels plays with fortress and reuses gadgets, not as slow as gale)

    spells are good but i would run shrink @2 or burden of the mighty @3 because your gadgets are weak and need additional protection

    traps: take out gozen match and replace it with 1 offering. you want 3 since it MUST show up for you to be able to abuse its effect.

  2. Ultimate offering is semi-limited.

    And playing any less than 3 gearframe is bad. It is one of the best cards in the deck.

  3. this deck WILL be a great deck, for the guy who posted anonymous, WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS WILL RUN OJAMA TRIO IN A COMPETITION? -.- Gadgets never needed to worry about oppression cuz you can always stick to your normal summons to beat down your opponent, this deck can go aggro also.

    ive already tested this build out, its pretty consistent. i liked it, altho i made a few changes.

    -2 tkings, better side with gads.
    +1 veiler, 2 is best now-a-days.
    +1 g.mole, is a must. too good.

    and i suggest changing the 2 smashings and the gozen match, side the match/drop it, and main 2 bottomless AND warning + 1 smashing. i understand the gozen match is so awesome but it does not work with the xyz's. when you need to exceed summon, you need to target your summon b4 summoning, so your xyz will not get a chance to come out as you have to pick type of xyz b4 actually summoning. ruling is blahhh

  4. To the Author (Kyle, I believe),
    1. Ultimate Offering is not, in fact semi-limited in the U.S. You can use all three. You been under a rock, or something? 0_o
    2. I would also not suggest running 3 Fortresses. Instead run a Machina Force. It is searchable with Gearframe and it is an instant drop for a Fortress, plus you will almost certainly never, ever need three Fortresses since you can SS them from grave.
    3. I'd suggest running Instant Fusion somewhere in there. It's also a quick drop for a Xyz.

  5. Hey bro, nice deck :)
    But when u summon Goblindbergh and SS a Gadget you cant search cuz the Gadget misses the timing cuz the last thing that happens is Goblindbergh going to defense position.
    I hope they change that ruling cuz it would he fricking awesome xD

  6. I had no idea it missed the timing. I thought the two parts of the effect were simultaneous. Thanks for that :(

  7. I know man, i was planning to make the most badass OfferingGadget deck when i saw this card, but after i heard that Gadgets miss theyre timing my evil plan got ruined big time :(

    PS: I was the last anonymous guy, i just figured i could log in with my google account lol xD